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yngbng asked:

Were any of you guys low key sad when you found out porter has a girlfriend through his podcast interview?

Worlds concept art. (5 out of 29.)
Worlds concept art. (4 out of 29.)

Worlds CD 
6-track Bonus Remix CD 
7” vinyl single “Lionhearted” (feat. Urban Cone) plus an exclusive, unreleased 2012 composition in hand-stamped sleeve 
Kaomoji Perler Necklace 
Kaomoji Stencil 
12 Limited Edition Art Lithographs 
Kaomoji Worlds Sticker 
All housed in a custom box 

This is all part of an upgrade one can receive since pre-ordering Worlds. For me, it’s $49.99 and seems like a cool little treat to celebrate Worlds. Everything designed by Porter.I’m really interested in the art, to be honest.

distort()dogless version[ bigger size on dA ]

made a dogless version because the dogs were hoenstly ruining the aesthetic, so here~without them i guess i can officially title this as the prequel to lionhearted()
version with dogs here
Worlds concept art. (3 out of 29.)
Worlds concept art. (2 of 29.)


Managed to get this whipped up for Porter’s birthday!
Happy B-day to you!!!